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The Rubber Band

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

As a kid, did you ever take a rubber band, pull it back as far as you could, take aim and - let it fly? Perhaps trying to hit a target, or perhaps just seeing how far you could make it go.

This is the potential of our own personal trauma and wounding. Each issue we face, each wound we feel, each trauma we heal can become a strength, a skill, even a gift as we move forward.

How could a trauma be a gift? Good question.

Each wound, each issue, each trauma is part of our journey. Each person’s journey is different. It is our responsibility to take that journey and to face and heal our individual wounds. (I am, of course speaking of our adult journey - not speaking of children’s wounding or trauma.)

As we begin this journey, we learn to feel pain we have tucked away out of fear. As we feel this pain we see that it will not annihilate us and we begin to gain strength for our journey. As we continue, each forward step brings with it the potential for a new perspective. As if climbing up a mountain - each step upward gives you a different view of the valley below. (Two metaphors in one post - apologies.)

With new perspectives we begin to question our beliefs. These are the conditioning and programming from our childhood - from parents, teachers and the larger culture. We begin to ask - is that teaching true? What do I actually feel/believe? And this is the beginning of shifting into who we truly are.

As we face and feel each wound - we begin to bring the segregated parts of ourselves back into the whole. And as this happens we gain awareness and insight, our perspective shifts and we begin to see the world and our position in it in new ways.

This work is the effort to pull the rubber band back. And it is worth the effort. Because at some point, after making this effort, you get to release it - and watch it soar.

The woundings we hold are the secret to our ability to fly. As we face them one by one, we are given the keys to unlock this secret. (Oooops, a third metaphor.) And the more we are willing to do this work, lovingly and with humor by the way, the farther back we pull the rubber band, and the farther forward we will soar.

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