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By facing my own inner pain, childhood woundings and traumas from past generations and the collective, I have opened to a larger capacity to hold open, loving space for others to do the same.


As we allow our emotions to be experienced, to move through us and be released, we create space within our physical and energetic bodies.  This allows for a realignment which brings a shift in our perspective, a rewiring of our nervous system and an opening into deep, unconditionally loving presence that has always been available to us.  As we abide within this loving presence we shift to an inner peace and calm and a steady grounding within our very own lives.


On being a Therapist


I have been working as a psychotherapist for the past 20 years.  As I work with others, we create a collaboration that helps you release the outdated thoughts, beliefs and habitual reactions you've created in order to survive difficult passages in life.  Releasing and relaxing the fight/flight/freeze response, relaxing the ego and defenses and learning to reframe the story we tell ourselves about what is happening are all components in this work.  

I have been successful in supporting others who are moving through anxiety, depression, trauma, codependency, life transitions, loss and grief and more.  It doesn't matter what we call our pain or issue, whatever is out of alignment in our life will cause us some form of frustration or pain.  The work we do together will help you realign back into your center and restore your sense of wholeness.

I have an MSW from Fordham University.  I am an LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) which means I'm licensed to provide psychotherapy to clients.  I use a combination of psychodynamic talk therapy in combination with meditative practices and energy work techniques.  I have studied CBT, DBT, Energy Work, Drama Therapy, EFT/Tapping, Neural Linking and various other modalities and I continue to study and grow each year.  

On being Intuitive

I have experienced a gradual awakening process since the late 1990's and continue to integrate and incorporate these experiences into the work I do with others.  As a child I had several 'breaking through the veil' experiences which, at the time were frightening.  I now look at them as small taps on my shoulder, teaching me that the world is far greater than our eyes can currently see.       


I have always been able to tune into what others were feeling and have always been what I would call 'sensitive'.  Being sensitive does not mean we cannot handle our emotional life.  It means our senses and our intuition are heightened.  Those who work with me know that I think this is a beautiful thing.  It does sometimes make it challenging to navigate the world we live in.  But it is also a blessing.  These days I feel more and more people are opening to their intuitive and sensitive abilities.  And again, I believe this is a good thing.  

It is one of my greatest joys to help other sensitive and intuitive people to ground and integrate their energy, to shift from orienting life through thought alone to seeing from our head/heart/gut connection and to support others to calm and center so they can understand and frame the events of their lives in a new way.  In doing so we stop draining our energy with old story lines that deplete us.  We stop regretting our past and worrying about our future and begin to live in the enriching present.  From this place we begin to have more energy than ever so that we can first heal ourselves and then share our highest potential with the world.

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