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The Healing Power of Pickles

In a long awaited chat with a friend today, we spoke of many things small and large. The one I want to share is the power of the pickle.

My friend shared that he was feeling a sadness and a grief that seems to be shared by all. I agreed. The world is in transition and we are in transition with it.

Anytime we move through a transformation, whether personal or collective, there are stages and responsibilities we must be aware of to help ourselves move through in a healthy way.

First, the awareness that something is shifting. This is what my friend was speaking of. Let yourself tune into that which is bubbling up from within you. Spend a minute or better yet 5 - 10 minutes in silence with your eyes closed, to breathe and feel and sense what your inner voice is saying to you.

Second, once you have awareness - which can be a foggy inkling or a sharp clarity - once you have awareness, let yourself feel. Breath will help you to allow your emotions to move through you and it will help you to feel them as they do. You may also experience physical sensations. Allow for all feeling. Sometimes when energy (and emotions) move we experience not only ‘emotions’ such as sadness or grief or joy… but also heat or cold, tingling, we may shake, our teeth may chatter… allow for these sensations, this is energy moving. This is good.

Third, once you have allowed the emotions and energy to move through you, help yourself to ground. There are many grounding exercises that are very helpful. You can do an energy visualization to ground yourself which I and many others teach. These exercises are helpful and worthwhile.

And you can also - MAKE PICKLES! In other words, engage in a physical activity that connects you to the earth. This is not the time to use AI or play video games. This is the time to plant a flower, harvest vegetables or seeds, put your bare feet on the earth or in a creek, or as I did recently - can the cucumbers from your garden and make pickles.

My friend said - yes the healing power of the pickle. It doesn’t matter how you ground yourself as long as it is you connecting with the earth - feel your connection to this wonderful home we have. And see how wonderful that feels! And see if it helps, just a bit with the many transitions we are moving through.

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