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Ground, Center, Heal

Online psychotherapy and awakening support


Amy Boyer, LCSW


I've been a therapist for over 20 years. I support people in getting to the root of their issues and resolving pain they have held for a lifetime. 

This is deep inner work. We have all experienced trauma to greater or hopefully lesser degrees. This work helps resolve the trauma within. 

You will relax and release familial and cultural conditioning, relax and integrate the ego, address and heal the woundings from childhood and/or any stage of life and come into a balanced center. This work is about becoming whole and tuning into our inner voice and intuition.


Explore Amy's Work

Individual Sessions

In our work together you will set your desired goals and this will guide the work. Whatever issues you identify, whatever goals you set, there are common shifts that will naturally occur during this work.

You will be able to:

  • Release the conditioning of the past and shift into the present.

  • Rewire the fight/flight/freeze response.

  • Relax into the truth of who you are.

  • Integrate segregated parts of self.

  • Ground and energize the body.

  • Connect to the unified field of love that is always present and available.

  • Identify and release outdated/unconscious beliefs.

  • Release egoic conditioning.

  • Reframe the story you tell yourself about your current circumstances.

  • Live in the present moment.

  • Find your center and restore balance and calm.

  • Reclaim wholeness within.

Healing the Wounded Self

Using imaginal exposure and guided imagery, wounded self work helps us relax trauma at the point of origin.  Many of us stay encased in a moment of trauma from our past and view our present adult lives through that lens.  We often sustain the fight/flight/freeze response in our daily lives or at least get activated into this response under benign conditions. We misinterpret our circumstances because we view things from the lens of the past and interpret a threat when there is none.   

Wounded self work helps us return to that part of ourselves who experienced the trauma in our past and offer the protection, love and support that was needed at that time.  In this way we begin to relax and trust that we are safe and loved.  
This work is a construct that helps us to rewire our nervous system and brain.  In a safe environment we relax, visualize and respond to the aftermath of a past trauma in a new way.  





Meditative practices will help calm and center your mind and energy. By residing in the present moment without agenda, our physiological and energetic systems begin to restore to their natural state.  


Different meditative practices may be used as needed.  With gentle instruction you will be guided as we sit together in presence and allow time for deep relaxation.  From this place we may proceed into supportive guided imagery and/or begin to process content.    


Centering into the heart allows for deep relaxation.  It sets the stage for what many would call information 'downloads'.  Light, energy and our emotions all hold information.  As we relax and allow, more of this information is revealed to us through a sense of knowing.  We do not have to 'think' in a linear process in order to realize or understand new information.  We can intuitively know.  If you have ever had an 'aha' moment while you were doing a chore or taking a walk then you have had this type of experience.  By centering our awareness into our heart, relaxing and creating heart/brain coherence, we can enhance this experience.  

Grounding techniques are essential for all of us as we and the world continue to shift and change.  New energies, new ideas, new circumstances can bring a sense of imbalance and fear.  By grounding ourselves often we are helping bring our bodies and energies back to a place of balance that can support us throughout our day.  Grounding as well as other energetic techniques will be offered to support your process.

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