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In our work together you will set your desired goals and this will guide the work.  You are in charge of the pace and direction we go in.

And I can say that whatever issues you identify, there are common shifts that will naturally occur during this work.

  • Relaxing fight/flight/freeze response.

  • Identifying and releasing outdated beliefs.

  • Releasing egoic conditioning.

  • Reframing the story you tell yourself about your current circumstances.

  • Living in the present moment.

  • Finding your center and restore balance and calm.

  • Reclaiming wholeness within.

In our first session we will discover if we have a good working fit together.  At the end of the session we will check in with each other to decide if we should do this work together.  


I have been working with couples for the past 15 years. In our work together I will help each partner take responsibility for their contribution to the couple's relational dynamic. When each partner owns their contribution, however large or small, the shift into balance can begin. 


Learn how to calm and center your mind and energy through meditative practices.  I offer basic meditation instruction for those who have never meditated before.  I also teach various meditation techniques for those who are already familiar with the basics.  You can book a session or purchase video instructions from the teachings I offer. 


If you desire to work on a specific issue through meditation, we can use guided imagery to help you shift.  Whether you are already a client or new to my work, you can use guided imagery to support your shift.  A guided imagery session includes a 10-15 minute discussion of the issue, followed by 20-30 minutes of guided imagery on that topic.   

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Video coursework and teachings of my work as a psychotherapist and intuitive. Meditations and exercises to help relax, release, shift and come into the balanced center. 

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